Friday, June 13, 2014

Glamping in Style

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we will set up the glamp camp in many pretty shades of coral, 
aqua, beach sand, turquoise, powder pink, 
the plants will make all the greens we need and
the Bougainvillea will give us hot pink
the glamp camp is happenning now
a work in progress
we have several pools on the rolodex
the Hemingway bar (wherein 
we read aloud from "For Whom The Bell Tolls" (hint: it tolls for thee))
is mapped out, in my Dream Journal, in sketch mode.

mages here and here

in my closet is a pool float that has yet to be inflated
that's because it was waiting for the summer of 2014 :)
it's a blue float but I am on the hunt for a coral inner tube for the 
beach. In fact I'd prefer a whole life preserver just on the chance
a giant wave comes along while I'm not paying attention.

mages here and here

mages here and here

in our glamp camp there will be table linnens with botanical designs drawn in. I probably imagined the project 6 years ago, and then because I know Martha Stewart must have a potato stamp video on youtube, I can hack a tablecloth pattern. Just because I procrastinated for 6 years, doesn't mean it won't happen. It will. We also wanna buy designer plastic cutlery and dinner plates of the variety one sees at Target or used to see at Target before the economic grapes of wrath  California lives in now. Oh well.

mages here and here

a colorful wicker picnic basket is an important part of our glamping detail. I am gathering recipes for my mothers potato salad and all 100 thousand of Martha Stewart's designer picnic sandwiches wrapped perfectly then tied in shoe string bows over precision folded wax paper. We are deciding on which triple chocolate cookie to bake and what tea besides raspberry we can infuse with extra lemon slices. Also for our glamping style we prefer fancy cloth napkins, some fine wine and champagne. The avacado shrimp cocktail, and lobster salad is on the dream board along with, some kind of cheese and fruit.   

mages here and here

we have new maps of California, to help hack Google maps in search of the sunniest warmest water beaches without having to go to France to find them.

pineapple is our new mandatory glamping fruit. i am inventing a pineapple coconut macadamia nut cupcake topped with fresh lemon butter-cream frosting.

mages here and here

we could end up in the vicinity of a beach filled with yachts we suppose. the details are in my dream journal. 

mages here and here

As i predicted (maybe not to you but i did predict it)  I still have to find a pink and orange glamp tent.  Or a nice aqua mint tent would be lovely for Yosemite :) 

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a rug like this for the glamp life interior would be awesome too.

mages here and here

for blonde hair i must hack the entire process because i dont want to pay $200
for some guy to fry my hair blonde
meanwhile i might even go down a notch to golden brown 
it will probably happen before the fried blonde ever does.

mages here and here

this is the summer i crochet blankets. 
i have to. i need them for the future of our glamping adventures.

mages here and here

somewhere out there pretty glasses hide from consumers. Where are they? On some over priced ebay ad? We don't want to pay ransoms for an old glass. (Target? UO? help us out and HINT: just make some copycat looks old vintage glass are welcome .....Thannks)

this duvet at UO will wake you up (actually keep you awake) and make you happy at the same time.
Goodbye pharmaceuticals in your brain ~ this bedspread doubles as a healthy mood enhancer. 

now that I have given up practicing buttonholes (on my non-computerized sewing machine) in favor of easy sew on snaps, i can design a new glamping dress that only has a zipper! Thanks snaps! 

not crazy about rug or the 3-D cubes because - makes my eyes go a bit haywire. This would be nicer in 2-D or even No-D.

sewing this dress to wear with my jean jackets is an absolute glamping must have. Searching for the fabric now. By the way that is a pink/orchid okay Joanns Fabrics? Can you track it down at $4.50 per yard would be awesome. Thannks.

oh the glamping life is a pretty one. so pretty it makes me want to paint my door a Cerulean blue.

i hope this is still available in the same exact colors.

Katz. I helped put the artist on the map 
when the bloggers didn't even know who he was. 
now they do.

this cake photo shoot - very well done by designlovefest

Hint: Pink Flamingos are in Palm Desert CA

as a professional glamper now......i need about fiveK more kinds of flip flops 

no glamper girl doesn't want to paint the whole vacation and i want a suitcase filled with new paints brushes and watercolor paper. I'ts in the dream book.

ice cream sandwiches. priority. 

only cute hats for us.

the dream journal. ya gotta have dreams or you just fall apart.

my baby girl is getting this dress for her baby girl as soon as i make it :)

no self respecting glammper girl does not have a bathtub filled with diamonds. all you do is make a bubble bath and imagine it is filled with diamonds. easy. just ask Brit. 

pink showers are real. they do exist. I know of one in palm springs.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello Beach Life


Tulum huts

My dog GG would enjoy Tulum because Mexico is already in her DNA. 

me and GG also heart our favorite place on earth, Laguna Beach. That is our number one destination for standing, swimming, floating, around in the southern california pacific ocean.  in the water just staring at all the beauty, that is the california ocean, watching waves tumble, with too much sunshine, or clouds, we don't care, the fun of this paradise,  the actual and general bliss, might be to much for you city slickers to imagine, much less comprehend, but we (GG and me) we handle it, we own it, for we are explorers, (google glass pending) of the great state of california :D some how we were born to be forever on staycation in the worlds most enchaining beachs on earth. GG and me will be beach bums this summer, next summer and forever :) that's mainly what this post is about. and the fact that i need to buy lipstick.

crochet blankets

this picture inspires me and reminds me that this is the summer i return to being a crochet goddess. new blankets  and sweaters for GG. we must decorate the cottage with my hand made creations. For example I want to try this design.

Complete directions for the blanket are on purlbee as well as a tutorial  for hand warmers for those cold days at the beach cottage in winter :-) and summer is the perfect time to become become.........really good at making granny squares, and mastering the crab stitch edging! 

by Selina Lake

these dishes would make breakfast a lot more elegant and would inspire me to have high tea just for GG and me. these are also great colors for our kitchen, for a crochet quilt or for an entire room. 

orange coral peach lavender lipsticks!!!

This image reminds me i need more lipstick. I need a lot of lipstick. I need every color shown here and in fact it's on my to do list as of now.

lily pulitzer

currently my favorite cut of dress. fabulous

yes me and GG will live in a beach cottage and yes it will have blue morning glories crawling all over it. no we will not give up our dreams. 

we will even blog the vision and the dream on my new blog "in my dreams i live in a beach house" and look what Google just found for pinspiration to get the journey started.....

so here i am again blogging on the crafty cameleon blog. i have my puppy here next to me. she used to be a dream. now she is a real dog and we are going to a real beach because that is what i set out to do in 2007 when the crafty cameleon blog was launched. we would be a team me and GG and we would live on staycation and bake cookies and crochet and fine the waves and live the beach life.

its good to be back on the blog finding inspiration everyday to keep the dream in motion headed toward a beachy life, a glamping vacation, new interior design, a new happy lovely summer

i'd like to sew some flower pants like these so can you fabric makers make some pretty designs? in chiffon or a polyester that is a decent price? Maybe I should be a fabric designer. i should.

image of Carmel California by Edward Marcinek

i love you carmel and plan to visit soon.

i need to get back to sewing for my granddaughter. to practice for skirts like these to wear at the beach when she comes to visit grandma at the cottage with the blue morning glories growing all over the roof. 

okay times up. i have lots to do. pancakes to make, dresses to hem, walking the puppy. 

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