Friday, October 17, 2014

Pit Bulls used to intimidate and harass

Since I moved to the cove last November 2013 and up to this day October 17th, being harassed by a lot of pit bulls and many other dog breeds has robbed me of any kind of normal life. Time spent calling Animal Control, or documenting it, or calling police is all wasted time because the La Quinta Cove is a community where members of it have harassed me on purpose.

The pit bull pictured here and another tan pit bull both owned by a former deputy sheriff named Sarah were out running off leash on January 7th, 2014. Sarah and her two pit bulls had been stalking intimidating me for two months when this image was taken.

By stalking intimidating I mean Sarah bringing her two unleashed dogs out on her front lawn, and she just standing there staring at me as I unpacked my car  to move in. I kept driving back to my apartment to pack another car load, dishes, books, clothes, etc. and each time I pulled into my driveway there was Sarah and the dogs. I tried not to think about it and ignored it. 

On January 7th, (Trash Day) the trash company was also going to deliver a new trash can. After it came I went out to the curb to bring it in. Then I got my mail. I was sorting through the junk mail when a tan pit ran past and went to Sarah's front door. It wanted in her house so I knew it was her dog. I didn't know that a 2nd one was out loose. The black and white pit came running at me as I stood frozen in my yard. it growled and kept walking in circles around me. I froze and it finally left and went across the street. I took several pictures of it from my front door. I called 911. 911 insisted to transfer the call to Animal Control. Animal Control officer came to the house. I showed him the images of the dog time stamped Jan 7th, 2014. The former cop Sarah was hustling to get her dogs vaccination records and other proof her dogs are city registered. Officer hung around until she came back. She walked over to me and the officer and handed her paperwork. She was wearing the exact same pants and shoes Riverside Sheriff wears. The pants are this olive green brownish color. She denies she is a cop and says she works "security." Larry who lived right across from me and next to Sarah told me "that women is a sheriff deputy." So whatever. Officer Kevin, did a pretty good job because after this he cited her and she never stalked me in her front yard with those dogs or let them run loose again. They did however bark aggressively from inside her house. Sometimes just my opening my front door the two dogs went wild with loud scary barking. 

All this time from November 9th 2013 to January 7th 2014 living at my house in the cove was like Barkingham Palace. Dogs barking loudly and non stop, 7 days a week. Barking on Cortez, on Calle Durrango, on Avenida Morales. The pit bull on Durrango was allowed to non stop bark all day and all night 7 days a week. It took 6 months of me emailing Animal Control, calling them and all to no avail before finally a Riverside Sheriff deputy was dispatched to Calle Durrango April 2nd at 10:30PM. He sat in his car "20 min as the dog never stopped barking"  (he said in a follow up call to me April 3rd). He made contact with the owner. He observed the dog and verified it was a black and white pit bull. He warned the owner if the police are called again on same matter it would be a misdemeanor. 

Everything Stopped Cold April 2nd

That was April 2nd 2014. After that the Durrango pit bull dog owners never let the pit bull continuous bark again. I stayed in my rental until October 2014. After the cop made things change a lot changed. Fewer goons bothered me at my house. Fewer dogs barking all over the cove. Six months of terror and hell seemed to be over. I told my son that "I'm doing better with the dog barking now since the worst of it has stopped." 

When we just got a new house and I moved in October 4th I am stalked and harassed in a much more substantial way by neighbors in the house directly behind mine. They have terrorized me and my chihuahua 

I am also mocked and made fun of because I "baby" my dog and protect her from these criminal goons. Apparently protecting a 4 pound puppy is grounds by dog owner bullies to harass you until you never walk outside anymore? Or maybe I'm supposed to give up my house put it back on market so some guys can pay cash for it?

I said last night that needs to stop tripping out 24/7 on Google's and Apple's encrypted phones. Instead of FBI abusing its powers to invade our privacy of our data by threatening to "decrypt" Googles and Apples new phones it ought to be protecting victims of crime. Victims of terror in the form of dog terrorists. In my opinion if you go to dog shelters and collect dogs, encourage the collected dogs to harass a neighbor (to gain dominance control over who moves in your neighborhood (like Sarah did and Durrango dog owners did) then you are a dog owner terrorist. You use your dogs to make torturous fighting and barking noise, do it at will, you mock tease and bully your victims while the cops dismiss reality and say "Oh should I go talk to them and say your dog has been barking"

as if it's "just barking"

It is a crime to do what my neighbors are doing. They stop me from enjoying my property. They scare me and my dog by having 4 horrible dogs fight each other as I try to walk my chihuahua. She has been housebroken for a long time now she goes outside. I am not going to be terrorized by these dog owners. That's why I will blog it every day every single day until it stops.

And as for my neighbor across the street in my front yard. No your cat cannot use my yard for its toilet. You cannot use a leafblower for hours all day and turn the block into a dust bowl of toxic air. And dear neighbor you should stop trying to rat out the "kids who allegedly stomped all over my yard" because it was you who was talking about "your own broken sprinklers" on September 19th. And I dont need you to tell me the kids German Shepard "might bite" but I do need you to make your very large Doberman stop harass barking at me for hours all day when I garden in my own front yard. And neighbor you said if I bring my chihuahua "out front" your dog will robo bark at GG. Like I told you "I am done taking abuse from dog owners." It's all going to get reported to Animal Control.


Tomorrow I write about the goon last December 21st who parked his Harley in my driveway pounded on my door and waved my bank statement around claiming "he found it in his yard." He told me the cove had thieves. I said "Oh you mean yourself right?" I said look ###hole you got my bank mail from a city goon and...... to be continued. But here is the creepy part. My new neighbor across from me out front, looks like a twin (an identical twin) of that guy who had my bank statement. Same height same face, same glasses, same precision cut silver mustache, so is it him? Is it the same guy?

FBI or Somebody Help Me Please

Okay I have had enough. Five or six years of harassment. So I'm not staying silent anymore.

I just moved to a new home. My son bought a house for me. It's mine. It's pretty and I want to live here. The problem is I am being harassed relentlessly just as I was the past year at my rental in La Quinta and just as I was harassed 3 years prior to that from 2010 to 2013.

I moved into my current residence October 4th. The first night in my bed in my new house my neighbors allowed their dogs to howl and bark all night until 3:00AM. I documented it. I recorded the sound from my bedroom window also.

Everyday that I have lived here since October 4th, I cannot take my dog outside

to go potty that she is not scared to death by the aggressive mean dogs in back of our fenced yard. There are 4 dogs. The owner(s) sits right there and does nothing to stop the dogs from constantly fighting, growling barking. In fact these neighbors seem to think horrible dog conduct is a good thing. Like it's awesome.

Tonight 10/16/14 on day  12 of dog hell, I tried to walk my puppy. She was trying to go potty when suddenly the dogs got loud and broke out in another fight. I said "STOP IT" to the neighbors. The woman laughed and laughed and did nothing. So for her I'm a funny joke. I deserve to be terrorized by her dogs and laughed at if I try to stand up for myself.

She laughed and said "Oh I didn't know you were out there" as if my porch light being turned on is not obvious I just came outside to walk GG. I said fine I'm calling the police.

A deputy Sheriff came out. It was a total waste of my time. He made excuses for the offending neighbors and he tried to play down reality by calling it "barking"

This is not a dog barking. It's 4 dogs all bad tempered, all ill-mannered and uncontrolled and they are scary and they growl and they fight.

So I am tired of being a victim and I'm tired of bullies with dogs. I want the City of La Quinta to STOP allowing dog owners to use dogs to bully people, to intimidate people, to scare me and to scare my puppy.

I have had enough of feeling like I cannot talk about this or do anything about this. We paid a hell of a lot of money for this house for me to live in. I'll be dammed if I will be barked at by something like 10 dogs (the four behind my house plus several more nearby) like my home is Barkingham Palace instead of my personal residence. I will not be tormented one more day. Instead Im blogging it.

So hello ...part of what FBI does is find rings of corruption. For example why are so many pit bull dogs trafficked by local animal shelters. Why is there so much marketing for aggressive breeds of dogs? Since all human and dog data is tracked and stored do real estate agents steer a buyer into dog hell and put a buyer in a property where life is going to be hell on earth because of the surrounding dogs? Maybe not but that is happening here. I somehow feel duped and tricked. I know my son bought this house in good faith. But now that I am here (living in the house) is any law enforcement official going to tell me that I have to keep quiet and get used to being harassed by these recycled shelter dogs trained to fight?

I want to meet the deputy sheriff that says I have no rights and the dogs rule this city. And what about my chihuahua. She is physically very tiny. Weighs about 4 or 5 pounds. These dogs scare her and scare me. But we are in our own yard. So why are these neighbors allowed to provoke to inflict mental distress and to ruin the enjoyment of having a home? Why?

The dog owners also smoke cigarettes, cigars and dope too. All kinds of smoke smells that are gross and offensive.

This is horrible.

So to  I want to know Why do the cops, the animal control, the city officials why do they shield and protect the menacing pets and pet owners. Is it like the mob? Is it it just sheer corruption?

Also: I am going to make an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Because stress wrecks human health. Stress is very bad when there's no escape from it. My neighbors and these dogs have no right to inflict this dog hell on me. That much I feel sure knows is true.

I will ask my doctor, just what psychological effect repeated harassment of being barked at for several hours every day by aggressive dogs - what effect does that have on a human being. And I want to know too (from my doctor) what effect does my other neighbor running a leaf blower for some 30 hours over 5 days - what does that do to a human being subjected to that noise and dirt and polluted air. He filled the entire block with polluted air to 100 feet high. Then that same neighbor told me today that "kids were stomping plants in my yard maliciously" and he said "they have a German Shepard that may bite and it got off its leash"

So as I see it the neighbor is telling me of this to inflict more stress as part of this "community harassment" that has been ongoing for way to long a time.

So why am I a target? Am I too white? Is being white unacceptable in a mostly hispanic community. Is having a cute little dog that I do "baby" is that wrong? What my dog is not macho enough. I'm supposed to own a mixed breed pit bull, a pure pit bull, a vicious breed and make it fight. What do I have to do to stop being harassed?

But who is the kingpin orchestrating the harassment? When does it end? Never?

So I need protection. The police are not interested in protecting me. They protect neighbors like mine. Every day 365 days a year for the past many years or at least since 2008.

So help me out guys at FBI. That's what you are there for....partly.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

These Colors

instagram of my clothes getting packed today

My daughter sends me an email (wherein she's freaking out) because I have painted my interior head to toe white. I am also painting my wood furniture white. my advice to her is simply "give up"....i know what my dream is all about.....but thaaanks dear just the same.

This all white interior concept is not a new vision I just came up with yesterday. It's been maybe 10 years since I worked with several designers on many homes (i've written about it many times on this blog) where we painted the entire space in a pure head to toe white and then decorated with a bright or even pastel color accents. Using bed linens, rugs, plants flowers and art on walls. Bright color accents in a global marketplace are not hard to find. 

interior by photographer Polly Wreford

Do you see?......Very good. Do you remember back in 2008 when I blogged "Things I learned about color by osmosis".....well color has always been something I can figure out rather well. Thank goodness because colors make people happy. This has been proven by science. 

art goes on the white walls rather well.

via sfmoma

Here are more examples (by Polly Wreford photography) of the use of color in an all white room.

source here

these colors are some of the hopefuls at the top of my most wanted list.

sfgirlbybay "summer color"

you see how simple adding color to all white rooms really is?

or maybe you don't see that. it's OK.

18 months ago I turned my vintage couch to solid turquoise.  In 2014 Costal Living Magazine declared Turquoise "Color of the year 2014" see? that's the way it goes when design worlds collide. When sfgirlbybay blogged the turquoise couch (a few weeks ago) and calls it "summer color" well.... um... we have summer (and blue pools) year round in the desert ....and everything is gonna be quite allright. 

well i must run now. my to do list is quite large. no time to blog. i hope everyone out there gets the colors they truly dreamed of and really like. i still have more white furniture painting to do so in the words of Kate Spade:

more proof if you really need it:

an artists new york home (white space with colors) via sfgirl

bolivian blankets (you see?) via my pinterest

more examples on my pinterest boards

check out the coral pink in this room. the art the rugs etc. 

the apartment via sfgirl

see pure white space + lot of color = happy

don't forget to:

this image is from the "keep-calm-o-matic" 

image by Polly Wreford

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beach Days Ahead

planning to escape this fall to the pacific ocean :-)

 there will be scenic highways and crashing waves :-)

making a list of what to haul .... such as and drink

two hours west from palm springs = walking under a pier :-)

my packing list says "bring 2 mexican beach blankets" for sitting on sand :-)

dear Target, got any of these left? i'll take one of each.

or maybe this yesteryear one piece from anthropologie.

fortunately one of America's "happiest seaside towns" is 2 hours away rather then 2 months by covered wagon.

there are hundreds of places like this all over southern california beach towns. i think its what writer's refer to as "california dreamin"

suppose i ended up on a:
cruise (by way of a small yacht) to Catalina Island for a day of shopping for gorgeous things and a spot of lunch. Then by sundown back on the yacht for a night in Newport Beach for dinner and partying until dawn.

in a little black dress...

or none of it could happen and its all my beach life fantasy. i think it was Andy Warhol who said the dream is better then the reality anyway.



"Beach Days Ahead"
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Glamping in Style

images here and here

we will set up the glamp camp in many pretty shades of coral, 
aqua, beach sand, turquoise, powder pink, 
the plants will make all the greens we need and
the Bougainvillea will give us hot pink
the glamp camp is happenning now
a work in progress
we have several pools on the rolodex
the Hemingway bar (wherein 
we read aloud from "For Whom The Bell Tolls" (hint: it tolls for thee))
is mapped out, in my Dream Journal, in sketch mode.

mages here and here

in my closet is a pool float that has yet to be inflated
that's because it was waiting for the summer of 2014 :)
it's a blue float but I am on the hunt for a coral inner tube for the 
beach. In fact I'd prefer a whole life preserver just on the chance
a giant wave comes along while I'm not paying attention.

mages here and here

mages here and here

in our glamp camp there will be table linnens with botanical designs drawn in. I probably imagined the project 6 years ago, and then because I know Martha Stewart must have a potato stamp video on youtube, I can hack a tablecloth pattern. Just because I procrastinated for 6 years, doesn't mean it won't happen. It will. We also wanna buy designer plastic cutlery and dinner plates of the variety one sees at Target or used to see at Target before the economic grapes of wrath  California lives in now. Oh well.

mages here and here

a colorful wicker picnic basket is an important part of our glamping detail. I am gathering recipes for my mothers potato salad and all 100 thousand of Martha Stewart's designer picnic sandwiches wrapped perfectly then tied in shoe string bows over precision folded wax paper. We are deciding on which triple chocolate cookie to bake and what tea besides raspberry we can infuse with extra lemon slices. Also for our glamping style we prefer fancy cloth napkins, some fine wine and champagne. The avacado shrimp cocktail, and lobster salad is on the dream board along with, some kind of cheese and fruit.   

mages here and here

we have new maps of California, to help hack Google maps in search of the sunniest warmest water beaches without having to go to France to find them.

pineapple is our new mandatory glamping fruit. i am inventing a pineapple coconut macadamia nut cupcake topped with fresh lemon butter-cream frosting.

mages here and here

we could end up in the vicinity of a beach filled with yachts we suppose. the details are in my dream journal. 

mages here and here

As i predicted (maybe not to you but i did predict it)  I still have to find a pink and orange glamp tent.  Or a nice aqua mint tent would be lovely for Yosemite :) 

mages here and here

a rug like this for the glamp life interior would be awesome too.

mages here and here

for blonde hair i must hack the entire process because i dont want to pay $200
for some guy to fry my hair blonde
meanwhile i might even go down a notch to golden brown 
it will probably happen before the fried blonde ever does.

mages here and here

this is the summer i crochet blankets. 
i have to. i need them for the future of our glamping adventures.

mages here and here

somewhere out there pretty glasses hide from consumers. Where are they? On some over priced ebay ad? We don't want to pay ransoms for an old glass. (Target? UO? help us out and HINT: just make some copycat looks old vintage glass are welcome .....Thannks)

this duvet at UO will wake you up (actually keep you awake) and make you happy at the same time.
Goodbye pharmaceuticals in your brain ~ this bedspread doubles as a healthy mood enhancer. 

now that I have given up practicing buttonholes (on my non-computerized sewing machine) in favor of easy sew on snaps, i can design a new glamping dress that only has a zipper! Thanks snaps! 

not crazy about rug or the 3-D cubes because - makes my eyes go a bit haywire. This would be nicer in 2-D or even No-D.

sewing this dress to wear with my jean jackets is an absolute glamping must have. Searching for the fabric now. By the way that is a pink/orchid okay Joanns Fabrics? Can you track it down at $4.50 per yard would be awesome. Thannks.

oh the glamping life is a pretty one. so pretty it makes me want to paint my door a Cerulean blue.

i hope this is still available in the same exact colors.

Katz. I helped put the artist on the map 
when the bloggers didn't even know who he was. 
now they do.

this cake photo shoot - very well done by designlovefest

Hint: Pink Flamingos are in Palm Desert CA

as a professional glamper now......i need about fiveK more kinds of flip flops 

no glamper girl doesn't want to paint the whole vacation and i want a suitcase filled with new paints brushes and watercolor paper. I'ts in the dream book.

ice cream sandwiches. priority. 

only cute hats for us.

the dream journal. ya gotta have dreams or you just fall apart.

my baby girl is getting this dress for her baby girl as soon as i make it :)

no self respecting glammper girl does not have a bathtub filled with diamonds. all you do is make a bubble bath and imagine it is filled with diamonds. easy. just ask Brit. 

pink showers are real. they do exist. I know of one in palm springs.

all images are found on my pinterest boards here and here.

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