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Moody Blues In Many Hues

This is a great combination of teals. Before I write what I want to write about this post, I want to say, I sent a report to Google just now. The report explained how every image you see in this post was deleted. I did not delete the post. I know all the images were uploaded to this blog because I was using the preview on each upload. I have complained to Google over the years (they are aware of the problem) that my posts get hacked. I told Google I think I know who is doing it and gave Google the names of "The Blog Mafia" as I endearingly refer to these charming bloggers who all get paid big money for "sponsored posts, meaning paid content." I do not work for anyone, or get paid to blog. As from my blogs founding (2007) I do what I want untethered to any mass media entity.

Google went and created a new template of an ocean. I love it. Now if it is okay with all of you contracted designers for Target, or saleswomen for Sky Vodka, or Bloggers who get paid to travel…