Moody Blues In Many Hues

This is a great combination of teals. Before I write what I want to write about this post, I want to say, I sent a report to Google just now. The report explained how every image you see in this post was deleted. I did not delete the post. I know all the images were uploaded to this blog because I was using the preview on each upload. I have complained to Google over the years (they are aware of the problem) that my posts get hacked. I told Google I think I know who is doing it and gave Google the names of "The Blog Mafia" as I endearingly refer to these charming bloggers who all get paid big money for "sponsored posts, meaning paid content." I do not work for anyone, or get paid to blog. As from my blogs founding (2007) I do what I want untethered to any mass media entity.

Google went and created a new template of an ocean. I love it. Now if it is okay with all of you contracted designers for Target, or saleswomen for Sky Vodka, or Bloggers who get paid to travel the world and Instagram your adventures, fine, but stay off of my blog when I am working. I am doing screen shots now and saving my text to a file. Leave my stuff alone and go be a unicorn or something. Just leave my Moody Blues alone. Okay back to my blogging. Oh and keep your dogs quiet. Just around the time my blog post was stolen there was also a massive pack of dogs barking aggressively. I am going to blog anything I want on here. And thank you Google for the amazing new Layout! It's perfect.

In years past I was clueless as to who it was harassing me right where I live (meaning offline). I learned this past summer that it was the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership, The Coachella Valley Small Business Development Center, that in part it involves EDA and that it has been Big Media who apparently likes to keep bloggers on a very short leash, under corporate control. They do not own me. Big Media has zero control over me, or my blog. As I wrote in 2008 (to the lovely ladies of the blog mafia) only Google has any control over what I blog. This is because I use Google's blogger software to create my blog. If I have done something I am not supposed to do, Google has compete authority to delete and remove the blog. Google is not going to harm my blog. However Google can find out who is messing around with my posts. So if you want to get yourself in deep trouble (for hacking) you will. That is my prediction. Okay now where was I? Oh yes Moody Blues.....

Pinterest has just about taken over Google Search / images. When you search Google for paint colors you see lots of pretty images but most are linked to Pinterest. When you click the link (tab) to "view the page" all you get is a Pin board dead end with no information about the image. You do not know where the image came from, you don't know what blog or photographer it came from. If you want to know the name of the paint, is this paint by Farrow and Ball or Benjamin Moore? The source of the image will will remain a mystery if it came from Google images dominated by Pinterest. Do you want to know where the image came from? Ask Pinterest. But don't expect an answer because Pinterest gives no feedback and also all Pinterest wants you to do is pin images. Pinning will not educate you about the origin of the content. In some rare cases your pin might click through to the source, but mostly it does not. Pinterest has flooded Google search (think tsunami) with pins that link to nowhere. And I do mean nowhere. If you want to stay smart and learn about your research topic Google can save your day. All of the images in my post today are here because I got them in spite of attempts by the Blog Mafia to keep them under lock and key at pinterest.

These blues are trending quite heavily but personally I only just got inspired by these blues in the past few days. I have always liked the darker moody colors (as learned from the master Abagail Ahern) who teaches us how to ditch the beige if we really want to

You can do like I did (thanks to pinterest offering zero details) and slave for three days to find out what paint company makes this paint. I'm not telling. I know the name and know who makes it. Okay I will give a hint (follow Benjamine Moore on Instagram) 

this is lovely don't you think? this would look really good in a house by the sea with the delightful morning fog drifting in the window as I crochet a pussy hat in peacock blue yarn (said no Angeleno ever.)

Maybe I will find out what the name of this paint is. I'm guessing it is from Farrow and Ball.

What I would like to do is match the paint to the color of the water.
It should turn out just about like this.